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  • Every Sunday: Devotional Service @ 10:00am

  • Every Wednesday: Mercy Day Service @ 6:00pm

  • 1st Thursday of each month: New Moon Service @ 10:00p.m (12:00am at some parishes)

  • Every Friday: Power Day Service @ 6:00pm 

  • Ash Wednesday to Good Friday: 40 Day Fast/Lent

  • Palm Sunday: Special Palm Sunday Service @ 10:00am

  • Holy Week: Monday to Friday before Easter - Fasting & Prayer with service at 6:00p.m 

  • Holy Thursday: Washing of feet and Holy Communion in all Parishes @ 7:00p.m 

  • Holy Friday: Services of the Cross @ 9:00am, 12:00pm & 3:00pm

  • Easter Sunday: Special Resurrection Day Service @ 10:00a.m 

  • Juvenile Harvest:-1st Sunday in June of the Year @ 10:00a.m 

  • 1st Friday in July of Every Year:-Holy Mary Day @ 6:00p.m 

  • 9th & 10th of Sept. of every year: Remembrance service for Pastor and Founder REv. S.B.J Oshoffa. 

  • December 24th of Every Year: Christmas Eve Service @ 10:00pm

  • Decemebr 31st of Every Year: Thanksgiving New Year's Eve Service @ 10:00p.m


~Please contact your local parishes to verify and confirm individual service times~




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